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Self respect, growth and happiness

I saw something on a dear friend's Facebook page a short while ago that gave me pause. It really made me think. Now perhaps I take these things too literally, but bear with me for a moment. It said, "Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy."

Of course we all know there are job situations that are untenable and should be walked away from, marriages and other relationships that are toxic or abusive and should not be stayed in.

But the phrase that bothers me the most here is "serves you". We talk at length these days about people having a sense of entitlement. Of children being raised to think they are 'special' and then having a rude awakening when they leave home and school and find out they are much like everyone else, not so special after all.

If we walk away from everything we decide no longer serves us, do we not walk away from the opportunities for the most growth out there? Are others really responsible for making us happy? I truly believe happiness is a choice that each individual must make.

Life is not fair. Life is often ugly. Life has much sorrow and pain. Yet in the midst of the greatest adversity, one can find joy, happiness and amazing opportunities for growth, if they are just willing to open themselves up to them.

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