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A Strange Week

Such a dichotomy between the various facets of my life this week. So much good, some not so good and some pretty sad.

The good, had a wonderful meeting and planning session regarding Cash Mob Fayetteville, potentially Cash Mob NWA and the directions the project could possibly go. Bought the Cash Mob Fayetteville domain for development of a full website and will hopefully be able to negotiate obtaining Cash Mob NWA from the company that registered it. Lots of possibilities there. Lined out the prospective locations and dates for the events through the summer. Fun, exciting and feels like giving back to my adopted hometown.

Met with a potential client for an estate sale. She has amazing antiques and with proper promotion, it has the potential to be a great sale. More work is ongoing on that.

Loved the workshop put on by FIBA/AMIBA. Learned a lot and will be getting involved on some committees with them. Pretty excited about that as well.

Completed the design proposal for a wedding and sent it to the bride. Haven't heard back yet, which always makes me nervous. I know on an intellectual level she could not get this from anyone else for less or even close to what I bid, but will she see that. I could really use the cash infusion and I miss doing more of the floral design. Had a message that a fellow florist referred a bride to me since she was too heavily booked for her date. What an honor!

Not so good...being broke sucks and it is a week until payday. *sigh*....

The part I hate...Doug is getting worse. This week has been awful. Lots of severe vertigo and cognitive problems. The new norm seems to be sleep until nearly noon. Up for about an hour and eat something, then back to bed for another 2-4 hours. It breaks my heart knowing there is no such thing as a good day for him any more.

Today it just is all a bit overwhelming. I haven't even dressed today. Not good. I ought not allow myself to do this.

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