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My son and his lady are expecting their first child. They had a doctor visit last week, heard the heart beat and had an ultrasound. Not as far along as they had thought and yet with the miracles of modern technology and social media, I have seen my first photo of my grandchild at between 8 & 9 weeks post conception. I have a lump in my throat and joy in my heart. They are thrilled, happy, nervous and all the things you expect from a couple expecting their first child.

For me, it also brings an even more personal awareness of exactly how powerful a weapon the prolife movement has made this technology of modern ultrasounds. It is tragic in my mind that they wish to use this to hurt a young woman or couple making a difficult decision. Yes, I know there are a very small percentage that view abortion as nothing more than a form of birth control much like oral contraceptives, but I also know those are an extremely small percentage of those that take this route. From my experience working in the health care field, careful study and talking with these women and their mothers, I feel that a significant portion of those that aren't traumatized already by the decision to terminate the pregnancy are so emotionally and psychologically damaged, that nothing would change their feelings on it.
Showing them these photos, making them listen to the heart beat will not alter the damage that resides deep within these young women.
It will do harm to those that are already agonizing over their decision. It may cause some of them to change their mind, regardless of the fact that the decision to terminate was well thought out and for valid reasons.

Who will help repair the lives this damages? The lives of the young women. The life of the child that was born into abject poverty. The life of the child that finds out later in life that his conception was born of violence, not love. The life of the addicted mother that winds up jailed for abuse to the unborn child and the child that enters the world a ward of the state.

These are the answers I would like to hear from those that would impose their morality on others like a bludgeon.

So many fail to see that the vast majority of us fighting to keep options open and just are as strongly prolife as they are. One can be prochoice and prolife. For along with fighting to keep abortions safe and attainable, we are also fighting for sane, reasonable education initiatives. We know that education and ease of access to reproductive health care are the keys to lowering abortion rates, not blowing up Planned Parenthood clinics or criminalizing abortion. Certainly not telling physicians to lie about the health of the fetus to the parents.

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